Wake up!

Here I am with a new blog :) Because sometimes ya just gotta write stuff down. Whether or not anyone will ever read it! It’s called ShadowMeTeresa because it’s my shadow, the things I think of in the deep of night, in the depths of my mind, on the dark side of the tarot moon. Not that they’re necessarily dark thoughts, just thoughts in the dark.

With so many discussion lists and other places to post, why a blog too? Would I put anything here I don’t already tell all my friends? Well, I guess maybe so. Rants balanced out by blessings, recipes and travels through weight-watching land, much more real travelling (I hope), hopes and fears, worries, loves, dares. All that stuff I’d like to tell my neighbor about the poor new puppy they’re putting in a cage outside, and just leaving alone to bark :( Under my bedroom window =/ Hmm … I feel a rant coming on, lol. Balanced out by an odd new-found sense of patience that I can get through even that trial without obsessing over it. Could writing have something to do with that?


4 thoughts on “Wake up!

  1. Leisa says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Congrats on your new blog. Great choice of wordpess. I use it for all of my sites. You can find tons of themes to start with at sites like: http://themes.wordpress.net/ and there are plug-ins to extend it for audio/video/contact forms etc.

    Thanks again for coming to Portland to each. I’m really excited to go deeper in experiencing the elements. I ordered a copy of the way of four and am reading it now.


    p.s. my personal blog is at http://www.refalo.com

  2. Your blog was next on my list! Thanks for the welcome :) – Teresa

  3. Chris Cerutti says:

    Hey Teresa:

    Do you know (at least here) it’s against the law to leave a dog barking and disturbing the neighbors, and the owners can be fined for it? Also for dog neglect/mistreatment, if you feel it comes to that.


    PS: I don’t have a web site to list :

  4. I know – I haven’t checked into that yet, I hope it doesn’t come to that. She was actually pretty nice and understanding when I talked to her the first time. My main impression is that they were totally unprepared and didn’t know what they were getting into. Now they don’t know what to do. We agreed on 2-3 weeks to think of a solution or see if things improve and if not I’ll talk to her again about it. She’s at least considering the possibility that they may need to give the puppy away to a family that can care for him better – for the dog’s sake I hope that’s what they do.

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