Ezra Pound and Me

I thought I’d investigate another way of making money on the Internet (the goal is to move as much of my business online as possible, so I can live/travel in other countries). I write and edit well and quickly, so I uploaded a profile to Guru.com – worth checking out if you have technical skills and want to freelance. Not long after, I was selected as one of many to write study guides for classic literature. Hey, I thought, I love to read – might as well get paid for it :)

They sent me a list of classics from which I was to select 5-7 titles, out of which they would choose one to assign me as my first review, due November 1. The first one I saw that looked interesting was Ezra Pound’s Cantos. Now mind you, I actually know very little about poetry, that being one of the few written forms I am normally not that drawn to. However, the description mentioned that the Cantos are a series of poems patterned after Dante’s Inferno. Well. Dante’s Inferno is one of my all-time favorite works of classical literature. So I added that to the list and went on to choose several other titles.

Those of you who actually know Ezra Pound’s work are, at this point, rolling on the floor laughing O.o

Of course, that is the one they assigned me. Later on, I did more research on what I had ended up with. A few minor difficulties … the work is 120 cantos, written over the course of his life – 850 pages in all. Now even that might be surmountable except that each one is highly stream-of-consciousness, a pastiche of images, memoirs, obscure allusions to classical literature, untranslated fragments of various foreign languages (including chinese ideograms)… No real plot to summarize (which is supposed to be 2/3 of the study guide) and I quickly determined I would need a serious study guide myself to even begin this project. Off to Amazon.com, to find the latest greatest Ezra Pound study guide – costing $40. Sigh…

I guess I have only myself to blame for not researching it more thoroughly to begin with. I’m going to stick with it and see what I can learn from this project, consider it a descent into literary mayhem. It’s my first project with Guru.com, so I’d like to come out of it with a good rating. Should be a challenge!! I may be completely insane – I’ll let you know later…


One thought on “Ezra Pound and Me

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, Teresa… I’m impressed. Best of luck! Whatever else comes out of this, it’ll be an amazing learning experience. / Lisa xx

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