Bright Ideas and Fantasies

Tomorrow I’m doing my first mediation on a parenting plan where the two parties involved both will have lawyers present. It’s making me a little nervous because I’m paired with another mediator who’s in her practicum, and I am expected to be the senior lead and mentor her – and I’ve never done a mediation with lawyers before. I was kinda hoping to ease into that with a little help from someone more senior – oh well ;)

Lately I’ve been buried with work – spent the last three days observing and participating in a mediation training so I can teach them myself in the future. I spent today catching up on my literary reviews, cleaning up stuff around the house, and sleeping in! Tomorrow it’s back to a 7am start to get to this mediation on time. I’m wondering how I’m going to make it through this month, which is looking pretty much like this all month.

Well – one day at a time. Tonight I’m asking the tarot (actually Mark McElroy’s Bright Ideas Deck) how to approach this mediation tomorrow. I got his version of the Moon, which is called Fantasy. A man in a business suit stands holding a candle under a full moon, which attracts some moths and a bat. A lobster crawls along, while a wolf howls at the moon and a black cat floats in the air, along with a head, a coin, a rose, and a tower.

There’s something reassuring about this card in the context of mediation – it’s pretty much a long journey through the subconscious, which seems to meander at times but which does have an eventual goal. I’ll stand there holding the light, and see what is uncovered and attracted to it, and what begins to howl. Somewhere in there, issues of love, money, personal identity, and structure will undoubtedly surface, along with a little bit of insanity. What does this tell me? Mediation with lawyers will be no different from usual. The parents are the key, after all. All we can do is guide the way…


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