Moon Meanderings

I know it’s not Halloween yet, but… I was coming home tonight and the just-past-full moon was hanging just over the horizon in the night sky, a deep orange color with wispy clouds across it, oversize like a ball of glowing fiery moonlight. This is why I love this time of year… even though it was dark I could see the glow of the reddish leaves in the headlights. Fall in the northwest is a crispy, blustery, unpredictable time of year. I remember Halloween nights as a kid, with a splattering of rain, dry leaves blowing in spiraling gusts, bare branches reaching up to the moon. As a teen-ager I remember being out on nights like this, feeling a strange excitement, as if anything could happen. The amber-colored, impossibly large moon promises strangeness, if only I have time to stop and look.


One thought on “Moon Meanderings

  1. Lisa says:

    There’s certainly been something hypnotic about the moon lately. Perhaps it’s merely a sign that I’ve been taking the time to gaze above my head (the fool remains both my favorite Tarot symbol and the one I find it most difficult to emulate), which is a good thing, all thing considered.

    It first swelled to a seasonal, harvest-moon intensity during its full cycle and then has seemed very crisp and business-like of late. I’ve certainly been enjoying this autumnal phase of life, which retains a beginning-of-things feel, perhaps from my time at school. Perhaps when I enter my own autumnal phase I’ll begin to feel otherwise -that autumn is more of an end-of-things period – but I’m not sure that it will ever lose its feeling of excitement and change. Death is both a beginning and an end.

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