Moon lost and wandering – void, of course

As you can tell, I’m a little bit fascinated by the Moon :) I even have a little program that sits in my taskbar and tells me the phase and sign the moon is in, called Lunabar. It also tells me when the moon is void of course – that period of time when the moon is no longer making aspects to other planets before it moves into a new sign. It’s not considered a good time to make decisions, kind of an aimless, useless period.

Lately, every time I sit down at the computer, Lunabar tells me the Moon is void of course. Of course it’s not, really (at least I don’t think so). I just have to wonder what kind of message the Universe is sending me – I’m experiencing emotional aimlessness??

At the moment, the moon is in Cancer, which is not my favorite sign for the moon. It just amplifies all its emotional qualities and mood swings. If there’s anything to cry about, I’ll be crying. In fact, sometimes that’s how I KNOW it’s in Cancer, if I’m crying for no reason or over-reacting. So I suppose it’s just as well that my subconscious at least thinks it’s void of course. I’ll have to fix this before it goes into Leo, though :D


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