New Moon in Libra/Scorpio


The dark moon has been in Libra, and stayed there just a bit before transiting to the New Moon in Scorpio. This seems like a good time to draw a tarot card for the month, as this would be a time when the seed of a new relationship is planted. Indeed something like that is going on in my life, for which both Libra and Scorpio are eminently appropriate – issues of love, relationships, secrets, sex, harmony, power balance and beauty all entwined together. More than that you need not know :)

Ahh… the Fool, reversed. A false start? Chasing after a butterfly that looks beautiful but is really just ephemeral and without substance? Stepping off that cliff to find out there’s no safety net after all, maybe, and the laws of gravity really do apply. Starting down a new road for sure, but maybe better not to do it naively (what’s that expression – getting led down the garden path?). Possibly a new beginning that isn’t really begun yet, just appears that way. Conscious deliberation needed, rather than blind faith and trust.

The light of the moon is still very dark, and things may not be what they seem. The path is not clear ahead. Watch for pitfalls born of naivete. Wait and see how things look in the light of day. All of these come to mind.

Hmm. Should be an interesting month!


One thought on “New Moon in Libra/Scorpio

  1. mpmann says:

    Ah, The Fool reversed… Diving head first off the cliff, he falls. But then, he wonders: Am I dreaming? If I am, I can fly. He gives it a try, and finds his wings. Maybe lucid dreaming is in store for you this month :) –MP

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