Republicans and Democrats and Independents… oh my

I feel like a traitor to my party. Well, not MY party, since I’ve always considered myself an independent. I guess this election just proves it. I sat down today to fill out my mail-in ballot, all excited since it seems that this year we can finally make a difference and get the R’s out of Congress, and maybe stop this disastrous war in Iraq. But, when it came to the actual Congressional races in my district, I couldn’t do it.

Our Senate candidate is OK, I guess. She’s great at bringing home the bacon, for sure. She spends a lot of time defending stuff that’s important to Boeing and Weyerhaeuser, while still toeing the Dem party line. I just don’t really like her – she’s become part of the political machine, always has been, really. While I’d love to boot the R’s out, I don’t want to just replace them with a bunch of equally dysfunctional D’s. So, there were actually five candidates. I’m reading through them and it just struck me – the Green candidate is really where I’m at. He has no chance of getting elected, but if we don’t vote our values, they have no hope of making it into government. So, I voted for him.

Next, I turned to the House. In my district, we have a pretty independent Republican, who in spite of being first-term, votes his mind. He’s voted against the party line and the president on important things like environmental issues, health and scientific research, and has done valuable things in his first term like get all the emergency responders around here grants so that they can coordinate in a disaster. His Democratic opponent has no political experience, is backed by Microsoft and party money, and has spent her whole campaign trying to paint him (completely inaccurately) as a Bush clone. He’s a good honest man, he thinks for himself, and is not afraid to stand up to his party – just the kind of person we need in Congress, IMO. So, eep, I voted Republican on that one.

I did do some good with my votes. We’re getting a chance to vote down a property rights measure that would gut all the zoning for the last 10 years, protect our sitting Supreme Court judges from challenges by property rights activist candidates backed by out of state money, and various other ill-thought-out ideas. We even have a chance to implement instant runoff voting in our county, which I’d love to see catch on. I’ll just have to cross my fingers on those and hope my votes count.

And on the national level, good luck to the D’s. But each and every one of them is going to have to win my vote on their merits. And this time, that just didn’t happen. SIGH.


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  1. […] Locally, I was happy to find that my party defections went unpunished, as the Democratic candidate I abandoned for the Green Party won handily anyway, and the Republican candidate I voted for instead of the Dem is winning and yet the House turned over anyway. I am happy that he gets to keep his job and it didn’t change the national outcome. Our astute Washington voters turned down an Oregon-like measure to compensate property owners for the past 10 years worth of basic land-use regulations (phew) and are voting in greater use of renewable energy sources. […]

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