Top 22: Classic Hits of the Major Arcana

80si.gifI just had to share this with you – it’s an album of ’80s hits my brother and sister-in-law made for me on my birthday last year – one for each of the tarot majors. The songs and artists are listed below :) Now I’ve discovered there’s an ’80s tarot online as well, whose origins may be loosely related. It’s fun – check it out!

0. FoolJump, Van Halen
1. MagicianMagic Man, Heart
2. PriestessWhite Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane
3. EmpressMaterial Girl, Madonna
4. EmperorMacho Man, The Village People (hee, hee)
5. HierophantBrother Love, Neil Diamond
6. LoversLife in the Fast Lane, The Eagles
7. ChariotLittle Deuce Coupe, The Beach Boys
8. StrengthI am Woman, Helen Reddy
9. HermitPeople are Strange, The Doors
10. Wheel of Fortune The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
11. JusticeI Fought the Law, The Clash
12. Hanged Man No Surrender, Bruce Springsteen
13. DeathDon’t Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult
14. TemperanceEbony and Ivory, McCartney & Jackson
15. DevilSympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones
16. TowerBurning Down the House, Talking Heads
17. StarStar, David Bowie
18. Moon Eclipse, Pink Floyd
19. SunHere Comes the Sun, Beatles
20. JudgmentSolsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel
21. The World Imagine, John Lennon


2 thoughts on “Top 22: Classic Hits of the Major Arcana

  1. DewKid says:

    I was bummed that the 80’s tarot site didn’t include any pictures! I’d love to see a tarot deck based on Magic Realm. :-)

  2. It does include pictures! Maybe you didn’t wait long enough for them to load? Each card is shown – if you click on it it will enlarge :) – Teresa

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