Nature’s Mood

I’ve been feeling really tense and anxious the last few days – just some personal stuff coming up. It’s been hard to eat, sleep well, or concentrate on work. Then I found out I have to give a deposition in early November – probably my least favorite thing to get paid the big bucks for. By timber industry lawyers even, which in my experience, are the worst. So I’m driving off to the dentist (more fun!) and drop some stuff off at the mail, when I see…

Deer munching apples in my neighbor’s orchard. This is one of those remnants of what this area used to be like – rural, farms, and horses. There is still a little bit of that around my house. There was just something about the deer, straining their necks to pick off the apples, contentedly feasting… I slowed down my car and just stopped to watch for a while. It helped.

Later today, I was sweeping all the leaves off of my new deck, which is gorgeous and beautiful, as were the drifts of leaves all over it. The leaves were dry and crackly, and all shades of color. The sweeping and piles of leaves, and more drifting down all around me, was peaceful. I’m finding myself wishing there was more daylight right now so I could do more of this natural soothing.


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