Winter Changes

0-the-fool.jpgThough there are still many leaves on the trees, they have gone from bright to drab, and the weather now is either frozen and clear or rainy and grey – welcome to winter in Seattle. I knew I should have gone out and gotten those plants and leaves out of the pond for winter! At least this year the trick-or-treaters did not get poured upon – just cold. I don’t know what this winter will bring – I sense that many things may be different once it’s over. This seems like a good time to ask the Wheel of Change tarot for its sense of the coming winter – just that, nothing more.

LOL. The Fool, again. Last time I got the Fool, not long ago, it was reversed. Now the Fool is upright. Not at all the card I would have expected for a winter in Seattle, especially not this winter. But this is not the first indication that things may be better than I expect, even though I can’t see it now. This Fool looks like he’s having a grand old time – partying, flinging roses with heart-shaped petals about, playing with fire, admiring the birds, drinking wine, listening to music, and letting himself get caught up in passion with the universe. He straddles a chasm easily, out of which flows this starry galaxy.

Well, if I can make my winter like this, there’ll be no need to worry about the weather :)


0 thoughts on “Winter Changes

  1. […] Thankfully we’re past that Aries moon, and are now into Taurus. I have received a phone call about the situation that has been paining me so greatly, and while things haven’t changed all that much, I understand them much better and am much happier about the whole thing. Sometimes just knowing that you’re cared for and that there’s hope for the future eases all kinds of other circumstances. Meanwhile, I can go about my life without all the emotional turmoil that’s attended it for the last year or so and take a break from the whole situation. Maybe even do a little bit of that partying predicted for my winter months :) […]

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