Full Moon in Taurus – Emotional Stability

moon.jpgThankfully we’re past that Aries moon, and are now into Taurus. I have received a phone call about the situation that has been paining me so greatly, and while things haven’t changed all that much, I understand them much better and am much happier about life. Sometimes just knowing that you’re cared for and that there’s hope for the future eases all kinds of other circumstances. Meanwhile, I can go about my life without all the emotional turmoil that’s attended it for the last year or so and take a break from the whole situation. Maybe even do a little bit of that partying predicted for my winter months :)

I’ll need all of Taurus’ stability and practicality as I head into the coming week, as I have a full-day deposition scheduled for Friday, in which I get to be videotaped while a bunch of industry lawyers try to pick my expert testimony to pieces. I can hardly wait! At least the full moon was beautiful last night, as always, with clouds racing across its face in true autumn fashion.


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