Rain, rain, rain!!!

rainstorm2.jpg Today has been defined by the rainstorm we’re having here in the Seattle area – I had planned to conduct a mediation between two neighbors about their property boundaries, but they live in a rural area and were concerned about driving through the storm, so we rescheduled. That was all well and good – I do enjoy a day cozy in my home, getting things done, while a storm rages outside – knowing I don’t have to commute or really go outside at all :D

I was just settling down to write some class materials when a call comes from a good friend “are you busy right now?” His basement is flooding, his wife’s freaking out, all their stuff is getting inundated by the rapidly rising water. So, I jump into the car, drive through the storm, which by now is really raging. There was water on the roads up above the floor of my car and one intersection I really wasn’t sure I would make it through – my heart was pounding by the time I made it to the other side. They’ve got groundwater just welling up into the basement faster than we can move the boxes upstairs… the lower level of boxes is already hopeless… no landlord in sight. What an awful situation. Right about this point I’m glad the crawl space under my house is just dirt.

I could muse about the changing climate. It feels like this is an intensification of normal November weather for Seattle, but I’ve never seen the roads quite that bad, nor groundwater rising that fast into a house that’s not even on low ground. Weather seems to be an increasingly present effect in life, from the windstorms that toppled a 40-foot tree in my back yard last winter, to the excessive heat (weeks of 90+ weather in Seattle!!!) in the summer, to the rains in the fall. And we had an unusually long and freezing cold snap last winter too – snow on the ground for two weeks (the same snow, not washed away by rain or melting), which I’ve never in my life seen in Seattle. The world is changing…


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain!!!

  1. Freesparrow says:

    Well, send some rain over here! We are in a major drought and some towns are running out of water. We are on Stage 2 water restrictions but it is worse in the countryside.

    It’s funny how the climate of some locations seems to be strongly reinforced. Rain has always been associated with the Seattle area. Why is it getting worse, not better?

    Heat and drought have always been a feature of the Australian climate, and that is getting worse as well.

    Sending you some dry thoughts :).

  2. I agree – it does seem like the natural weather patterns are intensifying, creating problems for everyone. Africa is also experiencing extreme drought in many areas. And here we get hurricanes and torrential rains. The next 50 years are going to be interesting…

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