Firefox at last

I don’t know how many of you have been experiencing this, but lately I get more and more “run-time errors” when using Microsoft Internet Explorer to visit various websites. When my own blog reader became blank and unreadable due to one of these errors, that was pretty much the last straw. I finally took the advice of some techie family and friends and checked out Firefox (an alternative web-browser that now has about 12% of the market). I was worried that I’d have to set up everything all over again, it wouldn’t have the toolbars I like (like Google), etc.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I downloaded it for free, installed it, and right away it started copying over all my bookmarks, cookies, and even (unlike Microsoft) asked me what homepage I wanted rather than assuming. Everything transferred over flawlessly. Not only that, every website I look at works perfectly – no more run-time errors, yay!!! And, it has a google Search engine built right in. What more could you want? I’m happy, anyway :) It’s so nice when technology works, I just had to write about it!


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