3rd Quarter Moon in Leo

wands-2.jpg It’s the third quarter moon, which is a good time to make any final adjustments needed to close out all that has been going on. I won’t be the least bit sorry to see this moon cycle go. Leo is a fairly upbeat moon, and for once the Cancer moon didn’t affect me that much. A good sign that I may have finally let go of past pain and am moving on. It’s been a strange month though, relationship ending coupled with drenching downpours of rain. Let’s see what the Wheel of Change suggests I do in terms of any course corrections needed before I can let go of the whole thing.

Two of Wands, reversed. Wow. It’s odd, but I was thinking of this exact card earlier this morning. Once in a while that happens – I’ll see the card I’m about to draw. Not often, but when I do see a card, I usually draw it. This card is very reminiscent of fall with its gorgeous autumn leaves, and even though it feels like we’re a little past fall, it’s also appropriate for the fiery Leo moon – Two being the number of the Moon and Wands the suit of Fire. Two salamanders walk side-by-side on a carpet of leaves, suspended in a starry sky.

This makes me think of the man I am parted from, and the fire we shared, current circumstances certainly suggesting a reversal in our relationship – no longer traveling side-by-side through the stars and the autumn leaves. I’m not sure what this suggests I do about it, except that the waning moon is always about letting go, letting things dissolve in the cycles of time. Perhaps it’s just a reminder (as if I didn’t know) that I’m not fully over this and I need to give it more time to process. There’s still a question about “should I stay or should I go” – waiting or leaving this all behind – that’s so fundamentally a part of the Two of Wands.

There’s a duality here – a sense of cycles, that although we’re apart now, perhaps some future time will come around when we are together again. At the same time, there is a need to move forward that counting on that cycle wouldn’t help. Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of dual realities, and here I am being asked again to keep my heart open to possibilities, while still letting go of needing those same possibilities. Ah well, it’s a beautiful card, anyway :)


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