And the wind cometh…

Well, after days and days of talking about rain, the wind has arrived. Last winter we had several large windstorms and were without power for days on end, and a couple of really large trees in the back yard came down. This was pretty frightening, having the wind and rain rage and hearing the trees out back break and fall, not being able to see what was happening, night after night. Last night it started again with our first windstorm of the season. I did hear a big tree come down, but I haven’t gone out back to see where it was.

My deck has become part of the ecosystem… so thoroughly covered by wet fall leaves that you can’t see where it ends and the forest begins. deckleaves.JPG

Likewise the pond is disappearing under a blanket of leaves – I know I’ve got a job ahead of me there.
I wonder why it seems like the weather is so all-encompassing this year. Maybe it’s being in a big house by yourself when the storm hits, without even a cat for company (I need to do something about that too)… and all you can do is just listen and hope neither the rain or the wind does anything bad to your house. I’m thankful that this is a pretty new house and so far seems to be handling the drenchings thrown at it pretty well. Now the forest out back is another matter – I couldn’t live without it, but the windstorms are scary. Time to get out the candles and lanterns!


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