Furry friends

kitty1.JPG Today I’m adopting a cat, shown in the picture… I am not sure what to call her yet :) She’s a tortoiseshell short-hair with pretty black, white, and orange patches. She loves peace and quiet, but is currently in a busy household with three small children, two dogs and another cat. At least she’s been loved and well cared for, her family just knows she’d be happier somewhere calmer. She seems to like me well enough, though she is definitely one of these cats that will take her time exploring your house, thinking about you, keeping her space, and then when you’re not looking, you’ll find her in your lap :)

wands-3.jpg I drew a card to see what I needed to know about Ms. Kitty – the Three of Wands came up. This is a familiar card of laying the groundwork for a better future, building bridges and building trust. I already knew this was needed, but it came up upright, so I know I can make my home a better place for her. She will come out of her shell, I think, once she realizes that she can trust the house to stay peaceful and not have small children and loud noises startling her all the time. Meanwhile I am just happy to have a little presence in my house again, keeping me company.


5 thoughts on “Furry friends

  1. Freesparrow says:

    Ah ….. happiness!

    The little cat who lives here walked into my life unexpectedly one cold and wintry day a few months ago. She is a gentle, playful spirit, a gift from the universe.

    I hope you have a companionable, enduring partnership :).

  2. Judith B says:

    Am so happy for you and the kitty, Teresa! Actually, the way you describe her . . . she sounds a lot like you. No?

  3. In some ways you may be right :) She likes peace and quiet and companionable comfort. I do like to get out now and then, but I think she’ll be happy inside. She’s probably a better fit for an indoor cat and my company than my kitten was, as much as I loved him. I hope he’s found a good place to be.

  4. freesparrow says:

    She is bigger than apparent in the first picture and possibly is at least six months old? Her markings are most unusual. At first I thought there was some similarity between her colouring and that of the woman in the three of wands image.

    Hope she settles in!

  5. Yes, actually she’s 2 years old. I noticed the similarity of coloring also :) and the woman’s hair color is very much like mine!

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