Change of Seasons…

forestfallsm.jpg … and not a moment too soon. I include the picture above as the last of my photos celebrating fall in the backyard, and moving into winter. This shows the beautiful side – but actually fall was not so great – so much rain I thought I was drowning in it. A girl from Seattle should be used to rain, but this was different. The way it used to be was gentle rain, a constant drizzle. We Seattleites prided ourselves on not carrying umbrellas, because, well, what’s a light drizzle! Just something to leave a little sparkling of droplets on your hair. Instead, lately, it’s been torrential rain, which another thing entirely and not much fun no matter how you look at it.

Speaking of sparkling droplets… I woke up this morning, looked at the sky, and said, “snow’s coming.” It had that heavy, pregnant, light-colored look to it. It was frosty out, and even though a light rain began, it’s still only 39 degrees at nearly noon. Snow would be a welcome change for me after all this rain – lucky me, I get to work at home and I have a brand new espresso machine :)

There must have been a break in the clouds after the rain, because when I came out of my shower, I thought I saw Christmas lights in the trees in the forest, winking at me! The neighbors have all been busy putting up their lights, this being the weekend after Thanksgiving, and that’s what put the thought into my head. It looked exactly like someone had put those little white blinking lights in the trees, and for a moment I wondered if one of my neighbors was being nice to me. As I looked more closely I realized it was droplets of rain or frost in the spiderwebs, with a little bit of sunlight shining through them, blinking as the tree branches moved in the wind.

Life gives you little presents everywhere, if you only stop to look :)


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