Chocolate and coffee and cream… mmmmmmmmmm

tiramisu.jpg I’ve so much enjoyed writing this blog and all the readers who stop by and visit, I just wanted to give you all a present, a recipe that I love and which makes one of the most wonderful desserts on earth. Tiramisu is one of those things we crave, and which seems to come in a different form every time you order it in a restaurant. Over the years, I’ve found that very few of these are actually better than this one we can make ourselves, so here it is – an espresso and a bittersweet chocolate version (my mom doesn’t like coffee, so I made up the latter variation for her birthday).

1 C sugar
6 eggs, separated
1 lb Mascarpone cheese
1 7-oz package Ladyfinger cookies
1 T cocoa powder (semisweet or unsweetened)
2 C espresso
unsweetened cocoa powder
semisweet chocolate shavings

Whisk together sugar and egg yolks. Gradually add mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder until mixture is creamy. Whip egg whites into meringue, and carefully fold into mascarpone mixture. (note: the eggs are never cooked so use a safe source of eggs)

Quickly dip ladyfingers into hot espresso and line the bottom of a glass serving dish in a single layer. Cover ladyfingers with mascarpone mixture and dust with cocoa and chocolate shavings. If the pan is deep enough, two layers may be used.

Chill at least 4 hours or overnight.

All-chocolate version: Substitute hot, unsweetened cocoa for the espresso.

The fun part of this recipe is acquiring 2 entire cups of hot espresso – regular coffee does not do. It was pretty hilarious the first time I went to an espresso stand and asked for 16 oz of pure espresso!! Thankfully they were nice to me and didn’t charge the full amount. Now, of course, I have an espresso maker of my own and I just crank it out :)

So, this is the yummy post about food – for the serious post about food, see below…


2 thoughts on “Chocolate and coffee and cream… mmmmmmmmmm

  1. Moonchild says:

    Alcoholic version: Add a shot of Grand Marnier to the espresso. YUM!

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