2006 Retrospective

15-the-hermit.jpg It’s that time of year – nearing winter solstice – when it is time to take stock of the past year, experience the moment and the turning of the year, and look forward to the future. A surge of tarot reading requests is coming in as others evaluate where they stand in their lives and what’s ahead. For myself, I think I will forgo the cards for this looking back and just rely on my memory :)

House and Garden – Well, this was one of the things I did right this year :) Having been in my house for only 6 months in January, there was still a lot of work to do. It’s amazing how much it takes to furnish an entire house when you’re starting with not much. Throughout the year I worked on finding just the right furniture, and with the help of my friend Rick, put it all together and moved it all around to the right places. Which finally enabled me to unpack some things, like all those boxes of books!!! It looks quite nice now. The pond and stream were built in the early winter months, and planted in the spring. Most of the summer and early fall was dedicated to building a multilevel deck with spa, which I am so very much looking forward to making good use of next summer. When I get a chance, I’ll make a page to put up some before and after pictures. The back yard is now a real haven, and I don’t think I’ll be doing much more work to the house.

Social Life – What an up and down year this was for relationships! I spent most of the year involved in a long-distance relationship with someone who was planning a separation and move, only to have it not happen at the last minute. Heart-wrenching and disappointing, but life goes on. Now I am really single, and doing my best to enjoy it. I lost one girlfriend to the aftermath of my divorce, but feel that I’ve become closer to the others – and have made some local friends to have gaming geek nights with :) My online friendships are as strong as ever, and for that I am eternally grateful (you know who you are). I have a new cat, Sophie, who keeps me company when I’m home alone, which is a lot of the time (working from home).

Work – Speaking of work, it’s been a relatively good year. I’ve had some great contracts and made a bit more money than last year, which was good considering all the furniture I had to buy and the cost of deck materials!! The most exciting news is the Governor’s Puget Sound Alliance, aimed at cleaning up pollution and water quality problems in Puget Sound on a grand scale. A good deal of that money has filtered down to the Dept. of Ecology where I used to work, and I was on two of the three winning teams for that 2-yr contract. Lots of work is coming through and I’m honored to be contributing to that effort. Next year already looks good, it’s nice not to have to worry about contracts. I’d really love to make a little extra and get to travel somewhere, but that’s definitely in the wait-and-see category.

Health – Wow, well, I started the year recovering from 2 months sick with pneumonia, so it really could only go up from there. Migraines and associated sleepiness from medication continue to be an ongoing issue, but that’s not likely to change anytime soon and I’m dealing with it as usual. The good news is I am eating much more healthily and have lost about 12 pounds. A farm share with a local organic farm here in Puyallup has really contributed to that. Also I have finally resolved a chronic rotator cuff injury through yoga and nautilus, and am very happy about that. I’m seeing a few signs of middle-age in my skin and hair, so have started a new skin care regime to try to be proactive about it. All in all though, I’m feeling young, and that’s what counts :)

Tarot – My one big failure this year was not finishing my latest book. I got derailed early on, mostly by relationship/emotional issues that were taking a lot out of me to process. I never quite got back into the swing of it. I’m still hoping to continue writing and finish close to the March deadline my publisher set last time we talked, though I realize that could be tough. Otherwise though, things are going great – had a lot of fun at the Reader’s Studio this year in New York, and sometime about mid-year took over management of the online tarot discussion list Comparative Tarot from the former list-owner, a dear friend. That’s been a blast, and I am still doing lots of tarot readings as usual. I have also started teaching on-line classes more regularly, and plan to continue that on into the next year (you can find a list of my current classes on my website, TarotMoon, on the Articles page).

What else?? Well, this blog is new!! Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am :)


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