Restless Days

It’s odd, I seem to be in the middle of controversy everywhere I go right now. First, there’s the interagency conflict over an environmental database, of all things. Then, the ATA Elections and getting them organized is causing a stir in some quarters. Then finally, one of my tarot clients and I are a little at odds about how to interpret and understand her readings – that’s always hard. Not to mention ALL the stuff in the papers – I won’t even go there.

Last night I was sitting around trying to figure out how to reduce this unsettled feeling. It seems like the wrong time of year to be in the midst of so many battles. Watching CSI was entertaining but didn’t really help :D What was really uncomfortable is that I started out the day yesterday determined to not get involved in these conflicts, but it didn’t work at all – I kept getting pulled into them. My one success yesterday was a potentially contentious conference call I was chairing on how to assess human health risk from eating fish, and happily enough, the participants of that call came to agreement on the points we were discussing – so no NEW problems to worry about and one step closer to a solution there.

So, as a start, I decided to go to bed reading my mediation journal, Conflict Resolution Quarterly. Perhaps reading about peace-making and restorative justice would help a little. At least I fell asleep quickly :) It does strike me as odd that one of the areas in which I am NOT experiencing conflict is in my mediation work!! Then today I decided that I just had to take stronger measures. I signed out of one e-mail discussion group that’s debating the elections, to give myself a break until after the holidays. I finished up the last tarot reading for my client, and it went well and made sense, hopefully to both of us. And I called the major players in the interagency dispute and at least it appears we have found some common ground and understanding for taking a positive step forward. If we’re lucky it will break a 7-month impasse on this issue.

Whew… crossing my fingers that I’m getting to a better place… I don’t feel quite there yet, but a little calmer at least. Maybe some Christmas baking…


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