Strange week…

The world does move in mysterious ways, and it’s been a long, strange week. Christmas Eve I got a sore throat, and a cold coming on. I was still very happy to be able to join in the family celebrations and it’s the first time I can remember being happy that I just had a cold – as last year I had pneumonia and couldn’t go at all (also missed Thanksgiving) because we couldn’t afford to expose my grandparents.

Later in the week I had to cancel several social engagements as I was still too sick to go – including a big party Friday night that I was really looking forward to. Instead, I was hanging around watching a movie, when I got a call from a friend saying that he and his ex-wife were having a dispute and she was coming to pick up his daughter. I offered to do an emergency mediation, and we started at 9pm and went until 3am – a second session will be starting later today.

So much for resting :) but if I hadn’t had this cold I wouldn’t have been available for this far more important function. I still don’t know how it will affect the rest of the week – New Year’s is my birthday but somehow it doesn’t really seem to matter that much. If I end up sleeping off the events of the weekend that will be OK too. It’s all just life, in its endless journey.


One thought on “Strange week…

  1. Doctor Joe says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday! Keep mending and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teresa

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