2007 Dreaming…

I hate to call them resolutions :) I’d rather describe my plans and hopes for the New Year, and not make it sound so much like diet and exercise :D So here goes – what I’m hoping for 2007:

More connectedness. Building a network of friends near and far, but especially local – ones that I can drop in on or invite over to dinner, go out to coffee with, and provide mutual support. Spend time with my family, especially my brother and his wife in California.

Emotional stability. Last year was a roller-coaster. This year, I’d like a nice even plateau, and to rebuild the reserves that have been lost these past few years. I want to have a more positive outlook most of the time, and resources to draw on in the difficult times. I want to feel good about myself by myself, and confident enough to date.

A little romance. Yep, yep, I admit it – I want some snuggles! Candlelight, romantic dinners, and more. Someone to go on weekend get-aways with, maybe even a real date for New Year’s Eve :) Doesn’t have to be “the one”, just some nice moments to enjoy.

More outside time. I want to spend more time in nature and less time indoors. I’m looking forward to camping and hiking season, and have at least one walking vacation planned. I’ll look forward to spending more time on my new deck outdoors, enjoying the warmth, sitting by the stream, and entertaining outdoors. Hmm… outdoor yoga might be nice too.

Finish my current book. Another year of inaction on this doesn’t cut it. I need to either finish this and get it to the publisher, or decide once and for all that it’s not going to happen and move onto things I really feel like writing.

Save some money. I sure spent a pile of money getting this house furnished and landscaped, and the deck built. With any luck I can start rebuilding my savings account this year, since it looks like I can count on a similar level of contract support next year.

That’s enough for one year, I think!! I’m pretty happy with everything else and would love for it to continue as it has been. Best wishes to all of you for 2007 and good luck to all of us with our hopes and dreams for the year :)


One thought on “2007 Dreaming…

  1. Doctor Joe says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I hope that your resolutions will steady your life and allow you the fun and relaxation you seek. I’d like to be counted as “friend” a little far but not too near. Let me know when you can chat sometime ok? Thanks

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