Kitty Gamer


When I got Sophie, she was a pretty mellow cat. She’d been living in a household with dogs, small children and another cat and was at first anxious and jumpy. All she seemed to want to do was relax, enjoy the quiet and solitude, and cuddle :) But eventually, I thought I should give her some toys, even though she didn’t seem to be the rambunctious type. I tried all the toys my other kitten had, but she seemed uninterested (on the other hand she loves the comfy kitty beds that Jasper couldn’t sit still long enough to use). I bought some new stuff and that didn’t pique her interest either, though she likes the scratching post. Eventually she discovered…


My gaming dice :D This one I keep by my computer to use in a game I am running online. It’s a 12-sided die with pentagonal faces. She bats this thing all over the floor, and it rolls nicely even on the carpet. If I put it back up by the computer, she searches it out and plays with it some more. I’m not gonna take her only toy away from her, since that’s what she likes :)


I guess she’s just a gamer kitty at heart!!


4 thoughts on “Kitty Gamer

  1. Coppermoon says:

    How adorable! She looks much like our Callie but younger and friskier.
    Obviously, she’s a happy cat…..
    Have you given her fresh catnip yet?

  2. Judith B says:

    That’s great! When we used to run games at our house on a weekly basis, I never worried about “losing” any figures or pieces that got dropped, because the cats would wake us at 3 am with the sounds of them batting the stuff around. (grin) Am glad Sophie found her own toy. Maybe it’s because she saw YOU playing with it.

  3. Natali says:

    Hello Tereza!
    Offtop: I’ve just bought your superbook about Taro in Russia and very-very impressed. Im starting to understand things that I never saw before and interpret cards in my own way.
    A lot of questions are still muddy, but Im learning.
    Thank you!

  4. Yay!! I was so excited when I heard that would be translated into Russian. I’m glad you found it and are liking it :)

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