Welcome to LiveJournal Taro-Ru Tarot Readers!!

Suddenly there are all kinds of folks visiting my blog from a LiveJournal tarot group in Russian – and I just wanted to say Welcome! Not too long ago, my book The Complete Tarot Reader was published in Russian, and it’s exciting to see a link to my blog (along with such august company as Rachel Pollack’s blog) posted on their website. I’ll have to get on my publisher – they were supposed to send me a copy of my book in Russian (I can even read a little of it – especially knowing what it says :D) I studied Russian in high school and my first serious boyfriend was a Russian immigrant, so I was really thrilled when one of my books was chosen to be translated into Russian. I have to run out the door now – but just wanted to share with you my excitement at having all these new friends across the world :)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to LiveJournal Taro-Ru Tarot Readers!!

  1. Anerin says:

    I came here via that tarot group and I’m glad to have an opportunity to pay my respects to you. I can’t even imagine what would I’ve done if I didn’t stumble across your book the day I decided to learn tarot. Thank you for your deep and thoughtful yet simple explanations, they helped me so many times. And whenever I’m asked about the most useful book to start with I recommend yours.
    Many blessings to you! :)

  2. Ion says:

    Actually what most commenters say on that group is that your book is the best for novices so what I did today was searching it in all bookstores in Chisinau Moldova. No luck of course. The only one that had it told me that they requested it from the publishers but it seems that it was sold out.

    I’d rather have it in English anyway.

    Good thoughts to you and take care,


  3. Nydia says:

    Hat off to your book. Is a great reading. Keep up with the good work both online and offline.

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