Beautiful snow


How lovely to wake up to the sun shining on the snow, knowing that there’s absolutely nowhere I need to go today :) Late last night I had an urge to organize some recipes and go grocery shopping, and I’m very glad I did it then, as I could feel it getting icy cold. This is the kind of snow where it’s cold enough that even during the day it is outlining each tiny branch and nothing is melting.

What a strange cycle of weather we’re having this year – I’ve really never seen anything like it. Windstorms, followed by torrential rains, followed by snowstorms and subzero temperatures (during power outages)… then starting all over with little more than a day or two of “normal” weather in between. The exception is becoming the rule, and it’s barely the start of what is our normal storm season. So much for our dreary cloudy, gently rainy winters, which most of us in the Pacific NW are now looking back at wishfully.

Now the paper is predicting an odd weather phenomenon for this afternoon known as a “thundersnow” – a thunderstorm with snow. That should be entertaining! I was planning to go out for a walk in the snow this afternoon – but we’ll see :)


3 thoughts on “Beautiful snow

  1. Coppermoon says:

    Beautiful! Even more so when you don’t have to be outside in it. Your area is really getting the odd stuff this year – I’ll be curious to see if you do have a thundersnow!

  2. Joanna says:

    Did the thundersnow come? It snowed here all afternoon yesterday, then we lost power (of course). Thankfully it was out less than a day this time. Sunny and subfreezing outside now. Yes, I miss our nice placid dreary grey winters . . .

  3. no it didn’t! I have to admit, I was curious as to what it would be like. But true to the Puget Sound area, every little community had different degrees and types of snowfall – so maybe someone else got it. My mom had a bit of a harrowing experience getting across the Tacoma Narrows bridge and home last night after dinner and a play out. I’m supposed to be going to the symphony in Olympia tonight and I think I’m going to brave it – just have to be ultra-careful. ~thankful for my ABS…

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