Blogging about blogging

Like my life, this blog is full of posts on many unconnected topics – nature, games, work, relationships, tarot, politics, literature… One thing I love about blogging software is the ability to see how many people are visiting your blog, where they came from, what they’re reading, and links going in and out. It’s a lot of fun to see what interests people the most. Here are a few interesting observations:

– Whenever I post on one of the big Yahoo lists, visits go way up. It seems people actually look up your Yahoo profile if you say something interesting and follow the links on it – who knew!

– There’s a whole group of tarot enthusiasts who read mostly the tarot posts – recently I had a large influx of folks from Russia when my tarot book was published there

– I’ve written a lot about relationships in the past year, having gone through some pretty deep personal experiences and transitions. These posts get read more often than any other, even though they are now off the front page. They are often found through search engines – or people get to the blog and go straight to the love category and read all the posts there

– Nature is another popular topic. WordPress has a nature tag shared by many blogs and any time any of us posts under that tag many people from within the WordPress network read it – kind of like a webring by topic made up of blog posts.

– Another thing that brings in a lot of traffic from the search engines is any post about astrology and combinations of various signs and planets. That and the relationship items are the most frequently found through searches.

– I’m enjoying random links that happen from time to time. I wrote a post on the metaphysics of mediation, which has been picked up by someone over at “blinkbits”, which as I understand it, is a way to share favorite posts from feeds.

– The blogs that tend to get the most comments are about relationships, politics, and nature :)

The way all this ebbs and flows is so interesting, and I really enjoy being able to see the friends and perfect strangers that have taken the time to stop by, read, and discuss. Thank you!


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