Update on Inconvenient Truths

Recently I reported that a neighboring city had decided that Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth could not be shown in local high schools without presenting a contrasting viewpoint (to which, local science teachers to their credit replied that there existed no such credible viewpoint that could be presented in a science classroom).

World events, of course, have made the Federal Way school district appear rather like those who espouse creationism in schools. No sooner had they decreed this than 2500 scientists from over 130 countries issued a report unanimously agreeing that global warming was now unequivocally happening and at least 90 percent likely to be caused by human activity, and outlining the likely effects of global warming over the next century. This is a group that’s known to be conservative in their predictions.

And now… England’s Environment Secretary intends to provide every secondary school in the UK with a copy of An Inconvenient Truth as part of a study packet on climate change, and Scotland intends to do the same. Why is it that USA school boards have their heads so firmly up their… ahem, in the sand? According to the IPCC report, the USA is responsible for 25% of carbon emissions (though China’s catching up fast). If anyone needs to teach their children about this, it’s us. Maybe they could have some influence on their gas-guzzling parents.


One thought on “Update on Inconvenient Truths

  1. whitishrabbit says:

    What staggers me is how many conservatives act like global warming is a conspiracy, a giant lie that scientists, liberals and every other nation cooked up (no put intended) one day… Why on earth would anybody do such a thing? It’s amazing to me to what lengths people will go not to admit something unpleasant is taking place.

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