My unromantic day

rose.JPGFor all of us without sweethearts this year, I’ll post about my unromantic day :D Hmm… first my bowl of Cheerios – looking out onto the neighbor’s back yard in which they just decided to cut down all their trees. Yesterday the chainsaws and chippers were roaring and that seemed like the perfect time to do my taxes – can’t get any more unromantic than that! I got creamed this year – though it would have been worse without a few new deductions – like the sales tax deduction for those of us without state income tax, and the new ability to deduct the cost of health insurance if you’re self-employed. Saved my bacon, though I still took a beating.

Then I got a headache. Now if that isn’t anti-Valentine’s I don’t know what is ;) I was quietly resting with my cat, when the electricians arrived. I have a light which if turned on, blows the breaker for that room. And a few others that have been problematic since the last windstorm. Turns out I have $600 in electrical repairs to light fixtures to do, and need a $400 surge protector for the house to keep this from happening again. Ah, the joys of homeownership.

The pouring rain seemed like a good backdrop for this activity. Especially since i had worried that somehow water was getting in and causing this problem – when actually it was heat damage to the fixtures – either from the previous owners putting in lightbulbs with too high wattage or from electrical damage during the storms. Considering how blackened and exposed the wiring was, I was lucky I didn’t have a fire =/ Meanwhile I was answering an inquiry from a contractor I work for about proof of insurance to keep those work orders coming in and pay all these bills! Keeping the faxes and e-mails going in between the electricians shutting down the breakers was entertaining.

Somewhat recovered from the headache, I sat down to another chore in the afternoon – preparing a proposal to get on the mediation roster for Oregon (the only way to get mediation contracts with all the state agencies). Filled out a long and detailed request for qualifications, which required me to look up resumes, roster info, call past employers, etc. When finished, found that they wanted the printed out application AND an electronic copy – but could I send it on e-mail? Nooo… it had to be on a CD or floppy disk :D Seems a bit archaic. Turns out neither of the CD-ROM drives I have are writable… now what? Searched around in my closet for an old game with a 3.5 in floppy disk, erased the stuff on it, and copied my proposal onto it :D A geeky solution, but it got the job done. Off to the mailing place in the rain and sent that off in time for the deadline.

Are we having fun yet? Oh, yes, grocery shopping. OK – do that in the rain. Too tired to make dinner, eat rice cakes and fruit. Now it’s time for just a little Valentine’s remembrance – called up my other single friends who were home alone tonight and left them Valentines voice-mails :) Or maybe they’re not home alone since they didn’t pick up! Guess it’s just me and my cat. ;)

That’s OK – I think I’ll curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Sooner or later someone will call me back…


4 thoughts on “My unromantic day

  1. valerietyler says:

    LOL…..ah valentines day. Isn’t it great.,and I’m married! happily! really.

  2. Epilogue – no fewer than 3 of my friends did call me back, and none of them at the same time! So I got to spend most of my evening chatting with friends, which is really one of my favorite things to do :) It’s hard to imagine a better Valentine’s gift, actually. And it made them feel better too!

  3. Ahmed says:

    hello…jus wanted to say that I think that u r cute and had I known that u didn’t have a valentine I would have been it for u and u for me…well I like u and I also live in puyallup so if u would like to talk sometime or hear about me let me know and we can converse…ur job sounds interresting as well as ur writtings…ahmed

  4. Mike says:

    Ahhh yes……the “V”………oddly enough…yours was far more entertaining than mine. I’m glad it’s over.

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