Signs of Spring


One of the interesting things about a home that’s relatively new to you is seeing what comes up in the garden that you didn’t plant :) And when you have a forest behind your house, there are always new discoveries to make. The daffodils and other little bulbs are pushing their way up through the leaves, and this heather has been blooming for almost a month now (!) ever since we got just a little bit of warm weather.


Here’s something I did plant – a flowering currant which is just starting to leaf out beautifully (never mind all the dry leaves I STILL haven’t raked up yet!)


And really my favorite sign of spring, other than the birds singing, is the flowering of this native plant, the Osoberry, or Indian Plum. It flowers before it leafs out, and you can see the little leaves sprouting at the top of each flower. One sex has green flowers and the other white, and I can never remember which is which. It flowers way before any of the other stick-like vegetation out back (dogwoods, salmonberry, etc.) so it’s a very welcome sight in the spring.



2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Coppermoon says:

    Beautiful! I love that flowering currant. And isn’t it fun to discover pleasant surprises? Spring is the world at its best….

  2. mattgunn says:

    That’s a pretty cool flower, especially considering it grew without you even knowing it was there… I love the vibrant colors in the picture.


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