St. Patty’s anti-green

Wow – I have been so busy I feel cut off from my own blog – working until midnight or 1am each night, trying to finish an editing project. It’s done now, and I am just starting to relax – getting all the little things done that have been left to languish for two weeks – like grocery shopping (up next – after the blog. Does that say something about my priorities??). Times like this I feel like I’m waking up, looking around, only to realize something that everybody has already noticed but me. This time it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Now truthfully (and hopefully I won’t offend anyone here – but hey, it IS a blog), I hate St. Patrick’s Day. It seems like one of the worst examples of American commercialism, and it seems to have no purpose to start with. I mean, why celebrate one saint out of all of them? And why celebrate some Irish tradition? We don’t have days for Chinese, Russian, Native American, Norwegian, or Japanese culture, all of which are far more integral to Seattle’s history than the Irish. OK – maybe it’s important in some East Coast cities – but so were/are the Italians, Poles, Jews, etc. right? What gives with the Irish?

How anyone can stand the little green leprechauns, clovers, hats and silly greeting cards is beyond me. And how many times can you get asked why you’re not wearing something green before you want to brain someone? So in the spirit of anti-Irish anti-commercialism, today’s blog is dedicated to all things green that are NOT Irish.

First, let’s start with a tour of the garden. Here are my roses which are leafing out against my express orders ;) since I have not even had time to prune them!!

A lovely red currant against the moss-covered stump…

A salmonberry, which does not even have its leaves, but which is already trying to entice a hummingbird :)

The Indian Plum behind the salmonberry…

The pond, peeking out behind the white flowering currant – yes, the pond is a bit greener than it should be… time to do some yardwork!

Moving to the inside of the house, a few green things that give me comfort… the teapot on the stove which I just like the look of, even if I don’t drink tea all that often

The comfy couch which the cat loves and I like to snooze in, with my lovely green chenille blankie :)

OK, I cheated a little on this one :) The candle does smell wonderful, kind of a fresh linen/leafy scent. But the cat makes me happy, and she’s definitely not green! Closest thing to a leprechaun around here, but far, far improved :)


3 thoughts on “St. Patty’s anti-green

  1. ceal says:

    My “sister”!

    Where I live, we spread the ethnic celebrations throughout the year:

    The Italian Americans go nuts on Columbus Day (I don’t know if that’s ironic or just sad given the plight of the Native Americans)

    There’s the Dragon Boat Festival celebrating everything Asian every July.

    There’s the annual Pow Wow too

    Who can forget the ubiquitous Cinco de Mayo that is bigger than St. Pat’s

    But, there *is* the largest St. Patrick’s day Parade east of Boston. Being only 1st generation in the U.S. I’m always a little taken aback by the extent of the celebration. For me it just looks like an excuse to drink really bad green beer to excess. Sort of embarrassing.

    With the exception of St. Pat’s, I don’t think the commercialism extends beyond the alcohol industry, and doesn’t that suck?. But on the bright side, just before my dad died he commented “I love my people” having no idea what he was referring to I asked. He handed me a catalog from an Irish company that was selling to a gullible American public *bricks of peat” for $20.00 a whack! What the heck will a person in the ‘burbs do with a block of peat? I suppose they’ll hang it on the wall next to their bogus coat of arms…..

    I’ll be wearing purple today,drinking some very fine tea and promise to stomp (verbally) the first person who pinches me! And at the risk of life and limb I will tell you, if you ever see an act called Rocky the Leprechaun, just run.

    don’t hurt me Rocky, it’s just that you scare me!

  2. Judith B says:

    Did you know the city with the largest Irish population in the world is Chicago? And what Ceal wrote above pretty much fits Northern California, too, though we have a much larger Native American population, so there is a celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day. I never really thought of St. Paddy’s Day as being all that commercial, compared to Easter or Christmas. But my husband is Irish, so I’m fixing him corned beef for dinner (with potatoes, of course!). And I have ivy tattooed on my right leg, so I’m always wearing green. :-)

  3. Moonchild says:

    I know what you mean about St. Paddy’s day. When people would ask me why I wasn’t wearing green, I would as matter-of-factly as possible state: “I’m not Irish.” End of conversation. But it’s not the only saint’s day celebrated in the States. Don’t forget Patrick’s brother in commercialism–Valentine.
    Here in Switzerland, we have another very important saint’s day–“Holy Sophia.” Now, you might think that it’s a day to celebrate wisdom. Not so. It’s what gardeners call “When all danger of frost has passed.” May 15th.

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