Small pleasantries

The things I am happy for this week –


This may sound funny, but the honking of geese :) We have a wetland behind our houses here, and the geese migrate back and forth in the morning and evening, quite low to the ground. The flock rather loudly and musically honks at each other as they fly over and it always makes me smile.

The incredibly gorgeous beautiful green that is bursting out all over in the forest behind my house. I may have to even take the screen off the upstairs window so I can take a picture of it. I love that time of year when the trees and shrubs are all finally filling in with their particular shades of new green, and it all sparkles in the alternating rain and sunlight.

The little zipping noise that lets me know that the brilliant red hummingbird is back and drinking out of my waterfall again. I’m not even going to try to take a picture of him (with my slow digital camera shutter speed). But he’s fun to watch :)


One thought on “Small pleasantries

  1. Judith B says:

    The honking of geese — Yes! I used to live in a cool old trailer near a local lake, and every Spring and Fall I’d lay in bed and listen to the geese as they stopped here on their migration. The soung still makes my heart soar. :-) And I love to watch the progress of Spring as the ridge behind our house is covered by an advancing tide of pale green, until it reaches the top and the redwoods. It’s the little things, isn’t it? :-)

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