Postcards from the Bering Sea

I just had to share with you these pics from a friend of mine who is captain of a NOAA research vessel, currently in the Bering Sea (Mike Francisco, for those of you that may remember him from back in the day). Baby seals, which are part of their subject research – too cute not to post! Hope these put a smile in your day :)

Spotted Seal (credit: Ensign Carl Rhodes, NOAA)


Ribbon Seal (credit: Dr. Peter Boveng, NOAA)



4 thoughts on “Postcards from the Bering Sea

  1. opilia says:

    Oh how beautiful!! Can I post this on my blog? I blog about the show Deadliest Catch and things connected to it. I’m at
    They’re so cute!!!
    p.s. I’d make sure to give you credit…

  2. Mike says:

    OK with me, but please credit NOAA.

    I wouldn’t have the world’s best job (Captain of the OSCAR DYSON) if it wasn’t for NOAA.



  3. That’s what I told her :) – at least the crediting NOAA part!

  4. Coppermoon says:

    Awwwww, how cute! And they did make me smile….great shots, Mike – thanks for sharing, T!

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