Solstice Musings 2007 Retrospective

Tonight the northern world lies dormant and the year turns. I won’t be sorry to see the old year go and the new one arrive. This has to rank among the strangest years in my recent life, but in many ways the new one has great promise. There were a few bright spots and a lot of stress, and what feels like one long time of transition.

The Good

The man of my heart moved near me from another state, and even though I was horrendously busy working, it was lovely to have a real relationship. That chance has been a long time coming, and probably the best thing about the past year.

Even though the timing was terrible, the universe has finally granted me work in a field I have been trying to break into for years – mediation and facilitation. I started a new business – Mediation Solutions – and have been getting real work from it. All those years of preparation are finally paying off :)

I’m ending the year with far more money than I started with, even though there have been some crazy ups and downs in the financial department. I should have a lot more choices and flexibility next year.

I bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta, and already have it paid off. I hope for many years of enjoyment and relaxation there.

The Bad

My poor grandparents are really reaching a time when their health has caused serious problems. They are both nearing 90 and this year, we had to move them out of their home of 65 years. A series of added health complications are resulting in a new move to assisted living just after Christmas. We’ve done our very best to find them the best home we can, but it’s still a hard blow for them.

I’m still struggling with what to do with my life. I so want this transitional period to be over and just have a sense for what I’m doing and where I’m going to live. But I have this feeling it’s going to be a couple of years yet. In the meantime you can see my agonizing in excruciating detail on these pages ;)

I don’t have time to exercise and my diet has suffered with all this work and travelling. Room for improvement next year!

The Ugly

Work, work, and more work – and lack of it. Six months without work and almost going broke, thanks to Congress not authorizing the budgets of my funding agencies. Then six months to do a year’s worth of work and starting a business in the middle of it – crazy one might say, but when the opportunity comes you have to take it. I’m still backlogged and tired of working. And tired of having an expensive mortgage that requires me to work this much, on stressful projects.


One thought on “Solstice Musings 2007 Retrospective

  1. judithornot says:

    Transitional periods are rough, often the best of times and the worst of times, all mixed together. Having been through a few of them myself, you truly have my empathy. Hang in there, Teresa — good things will come out of this!

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