Solstice Musings 2007 – The coming year

I’m looking out at one of those winter skies – part crisp and blue, part greyish-white, showing through bare black winter trees. This is a time of year when I try to consciously reflect on the year that has been and the year that is coming. Last year I met some of my goals – financial improvements, starting a mediation business and getting real work from it, and feeling more emotionally stable. Those are all good things. Health and recreation really suffered, due to too much work.

So this year, here are my goals. By the end of 2008, I hope to:

– Have a healthier lifestyle. Walk, walk, both near and far. Learn to Kayak. I did join the Mountaineers, which should help with these goals. Eat right, which I am well on my way toward doing already.

– Have a better balance between work and social life. Take some weekends and evenings (and vacations) off without that nagging constant sense that I need to fit in some work. Spend more time with a certain someone and continue to build that relationship, and stay in touch better with my friends than I was able to do last year.

– Finish some major projects in my technical consulting that I have been working on for 5-10 years. Both of these are due for completion in the June-September timeframe, and if successful, will make a major contribution to giving agencies tools to improve the environment in the Pacific Northwest. Completing these projects will also contribute greatly to my peace of mind and ability to free my time for other things.

– Travel, go birdwatching, enjoy my condo in Puerto Vallarta. I’m very excited about my trip to Guatemala in January – I’ll be all on my own, which for one thing means I can birdwatch to my heart’s content ;)

– Continue building my mediation business and do a couple of really good environmental mediation projects.

– Continue improving my financial situation (but at a slower pace than last year).

– Be open to opportunities to greatly reduce my living cost and footprint, possibly by moving into a smaller, more affordable place.


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