Christmas Dinner

My Christmas dinner for my family (three days cooking):


– Creamy crab salad spread
– Wild mushroom and goat cheese spread
– Crackers
– Sliced pears


– Sparkling fruit drinks
– Merlot and Pinos Grigio
– Tea and coffee


– Pork tenderloin with cranberry Dijon sauce
– Green beans and sweet onions in a light vinaigrette
– Yukon gold mashed potato gratin

(having many different cookies with ice cream is a family Christmas tradition)

– Prize cookies (shortbread crust, date filling, citrus icing)
– Macadamia butter cranberry cookies
– Mexican chocolate cookies (bittersweet chocolate with cinnamon and chipotle)
– Lime-mint shortbread
– Ice cream

Yum! Good thing it can almost all be done in advance :)


One thought on “Christmas Dinner

  1. coppermoon says:

    Oh, be still my heart – what a way to kabosh my diet ideas!

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