Notes from Hawaii

Having snuck off to Hawaii for a well-deserved rest, the first thing I did upon reaching our condo on Kauai:


From our lanai you could see whales breaching off the north shore, which was pretty cool. I wish I could take pictures of that, but my binoculars came in handy.


I set about quickly identifying all the birds in the area, including Laysan Albatrosses flying overhead, and Hawaii’s native goose, the Nene, pecking about on the lawn:


The coastline below our condo is beautiful, but maddeningly hard to reach:


My co-conspirator in relaxation, in between getting work done:


A beautiful church on the way to the end of the road in NW Kauai:


Today we spent some time hiking the trail in the NW corner of Kauai, which runs along the wild coast. Many slippery rocks later, we were rewarded with amazing views of the coastline and gorgeous jungle foliage:



There was a fast-flowing rocky river at the entrance to the first campground, where we stopped for lunch. You can get a sense of the size of the surf from the woman in the photo, but these were by far the smaller waves – there were 16-ft swells coming in at the time and it was quite spectacular. I spent almost an hour watching the waves and getting ready for the hike back, after which a quick dip in the ocean was required. Due to the difficulty of the hike it was almost 4 hours to go 4 miles.



5 thoughts on “Notes from Hawaii

  1. judithornot says:

    Am glad you are getting some rest, Teresa, and getting out in nature. So beautiful! Someone recently asked one of those internet questions along the lines of “Four places you’d rather be right now,” and Hawaii was one of my answers. Though I’d rather spend more time in the rural areas of the Big Island. :-)

  2. coppermoon says:

    Hey, Sleeping Beauty, what a great view of everything! I just love that church –
    I do believe it is a sign of great character that even tho I am insanely jealous, I can sincerely wish you a wonderful time and truly mean it!

  3. LeeAnn says:

    Nice photos, nice website, good work – glad I stopped by.

  4. Rick says:

    Puts a smile on my face to see you sleeping so peacefully.

  5. swingingheaven…




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