Obama’s speech on race

OK – I finally got to listen to the whole thing in its entirety. I have never heard a better speech from a politician in my lifetime, or one more appropriate to our time. Please don’t limit yourself to what you’ve heard on the news – go listen to it. It is now the most downloaded ever video on YouTube. It is 37 minutes long – and he wrote the entire thing himself.

You can find it here. Go listen, for the future of the country. We need this type of honesty, intelligence, personal fearlessness, and character in office.

Here’s another video from Portland that’s pretty interesting – it’s Obama’s comments on getting endorsed by Bill Richardson. Listening to what Obama says about Gov. Richardson, I wonder if we’re seeing a possible vice-presidential candidate… He’d be a very good one, far better than most people had any idea of during the election.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s speech on race

  1. Traci says:

    Teresa – I listened to it when you sent me the link. It changed my perception quite a bit about who he is as a person. It still doens’t address my concerns that he doesn’t have the experience to be ‘taken seriously’ by the system, if he gets into office.
    I believe he’ll win the nomination – but I still don’t believe America is ready for a black man to run the country. If by some miracle, he was elected – I suspect attempts would be made to assassinate him.

    I’d like to think I’m wrong – maybe McCain’s age will be a detractor for his electibility? Maybe I’m wrong.

    At any rate, the speech prompted me to really change my status from Independent to Democractic – so I can vote for him in PA’s primary.


  2. Teresa Michelsen says:

    Wonderful – I felt that if just one person listened and moved in that direction I would have made some small difference… thank you for taking the time and to everyone who’s thinking seriously about their choices this year!

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