Really, truly buying a house

So I had my inspection on this second house. It didn’t go badly, it wasn’t perfect either. It was encouraging to hear things like “that’s the cleanest electrical panel I’ve seen in a long time” from my inspector, who’s notoriously picky and thorough. There were some issues though – the lady who lives there is a very interesting woman, but like me, she’s not really a fix-it type. And she’d been there 17 years and had put the house through extensive remodels.

Suffice it to say that not all of the contractors completely finished their jobs, or did them in the highest quality manner. Most of what we found can be attributed to that – some of which could have been disastrous over time. Like the fact that the roofers she hired to replace the roof last year took the skylights off but didn’t reseal them. They’re just sitting on top of the roof in their places, unattached (!). Fixtures weren’t bolted down after the tile floors were put in, etc. And the air filters one of her housemates put over all the vents may be restricting the airflow that the furnace needs. Stuff like that.

All told, there’s about $6000 worth of work to do, a far cry from the $40,000 of last time. As my inspector put it, “this is the Taj Mahal compared to that other house we were looking at.” (Which still doesn’t have any offers on it.) Still, of course it made me worry a bit. Fortunately, she came home as we were wrapping up and we had a chance to meet, get to know each other, and talk it over. We hit it off really well, she is a smart and interesting lady that teaches at Evergreen College. By the time we left, we all felt like it would work out. In the end, I offered to split the cost and asked for $3000 toward closing costs, and would do the work myself. She agreed – and now we’re set! All the contingencies have been removed.

Now it’s just a mad race to complete financing, move all the money where it has to be, change over the utilities, get the movers and painters scheduled, and … I’ll be there – in just a little over two weeks. I can’t wait. My cat can’t wait. We’re both so ready to have our own quiet, private space to live, work, play, and sleep in.

Woohoo!!! The long search is over :) I am officially an Olympia… hmmm Olympiite, Olympiate, I wonder what they call themselves :)


6 thoughts on “Really, truly buying a house

  1. I’m so happy for you!!

  2. hehe me too :) I have to admit I’ve been secretly envious of the incredible pictures you’ve been posting of your new garden – it looks so beautiful. Hope you’re enjoying the weather!

  3. coppermoon says:

    Soon you’ll be singing “my house … is a very, very fine house….with two cats in the yard (ooops! You’ll need another cat!”

    Seriously, am very very happy for you – may this be your special sanctuary, full of peace and love and joy!

  4. flit says:

    Yay! This is such good news, especially after the last place.

    The skylight thing is a bit scary and it’s good there wasn’t any damage! B ad contractors!

  5. Yeah, and Good Inspector! This guy keeps saving me :) I may have to reward him with having him fix some of the “handyman” stuff.

  6. veronikab says:

    Olympians, perhaps? ;) Congratulations on your new house!

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