In weather news…

Driving to a friend’s party today, I was struck by the headline news on NPR. The first four stories were all about strange weather… followed by the elections in Zimbabwe. Except for the very first item, this wasn’t the weather, it was the news news, if you know what I mean. So here they were:

– Record high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest for this date, including over 100 degrees in Shelton and other areas west of the Cascades (!) Thankfully, it only got up to 87 here. Not incidentally, it’s really much worse for it to be this hot so early in the year, because the days are SO long. Usually this kind of weather doesn’t come until August, when blessed relief in the form of evening arrives sooner :) My garden was really nice this evening, when the house was still too hot.

– President Bush declaring an emergency in California, where yet again, multiple large fires are raging due to lightning strikes – though it’s a bit early in the year, the firefighters and local community resources are already exhausted.

– In stark contrast to the first two items, a levee breaking in Missouri as constant rain continues to bring misery to towns and cities in the Midwest.

– Power outages (and flooding) across central Ohio following windstorms and tornadoes. Do you think of Ohio as a tornado state?

Routine newscasts like this one may finally give a clue to those who go around saying that global warming couldn’t really be happening because (insert dumb idea here…/it’s colder than usual this month/it’s raining a lot lately/everything seems normal today).


One thought on “In weather news…

  1. coppermoon says:

    And now they are talking about the string of storms coming off the African coast – a month early, they are. The times they are a’changin’.

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