My mouth is filled with flavors… yum!

mmmm …. I’ve been cooking decadent goodies for friends’ parties this weekend, since everyone knows you should save those for when OTHER people will be eating most of them :D

I made Pamela’s Brownies (yes, it’s a mix) for the barbecue today, which have to be the best brownies ever invented. I use the version of the recipe with no – yes, that’s no – oil or butter whatsoever. They are also gluten-free and vegetarian (and you can make a vegan version if you want). We originally bought these brownies to make for my sister-in-law, who has a gluten-free diet, and they were so good that it’s basically not worth making any other kind. Especially considering they take about 5 minutes to make and with no fats are actually healthy, and taste incredible.

On the other end of the health spectrum, tonight I made flavored butters for a Waffle Brunch tomorrow that another friend is giving. There’s no way to make butter healthy, but I’ve been wanting to try this idea and everyone puts butter on waffles, right? It just wouldn’t be a waffle party without it :) So, I made four kinds – cinnamon, honey-vanilla, ginger-lime, and blackberry. And tried my best not to taste them too much (but I can tell you in confidence the cinnamon one is divine!).

Then, feeling like I should eat just a bit of real food after making butter :) and a mid-afternoon barbecue, I ate one slice of what has to be the best bread I have eaten in a long time. It’s not something fancy, “just” herb bread, made by Stone Ground Bakery, a local bakery here in Olympia. Just opening the bag releases a wonderful herbal, buttery smell. The bread smells wonderful, has the perfect texture (not too airy, not too dense), and tastes as good as it smells. I’m sitting here just savoring the excellence of this bread. More food should be like this.


One thought on “My mouth is filled with flavors… yum!

  1. coppermoon says:

    You do have my address, right? Please send all of the above…..

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