My favorite salmon barbecue marinade

This one never fails. I just made it up one day and I was so happy with it that I’ve used it ever since. The only problem is, I’ve never measured it. I’d really like to send it in to Cooking Light, so I suppose someday I’ll just have to make it, and try measuring it as I go along. It sounds really weird, but it’s really, really good.

Here goes. Don’t worry about the proportions really, because it’s hard to mess it up, and I’m just guessing here.

1. Mix together about a cup each of soy sauce and lime juice – anyway, equal proportions. Scale up if it’s a large party. I used to use light ginger-soy (Sun Luck), but whatever kind of soy sauce you like. Sushi soy might be good too – basically a lighter variety that’s not too salty.

2. Add a bit of olive oil to make it stick to the fish, but not too much (this is a light recipe). Try a 1/4 cup.

3. Add about a tablespoon of ginger and a tablespoon of lemon grass powder (if you don’t have that, just skip it, no big deal)

4. Press a bunch of garlic to taste and add that. 1-6 cloves depending on how much you LOVE garlic :)

5. Chop up a ton of cilantro and mix it in, enough that it pretty well thickens the mixture.

6. Salt and pepper to taste (or not, if you don’t want it, it’s not actually necessary).

Marinade the salmon in this mixture for 30-40 minutes. While the coals are being prepared is about right. Take the salmon out of the marinade but leave plenty of cilantro and garlic sticking to it :) Grill as you normally would and enjoy!

PS – if you’re reading this, also take a look at this entry for more salmon recipes and this entry on wild salmon.


One thought on “My favorite salmon barbecue marinade

  1. TarotByArwen says:

    Oh thank you SO much! MMMM this sounds so good!

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