Impressions of the Aquarius Full Moon

Last night I was driving home at 1am, watching the full moon hanging over the night sky at the end of a long, very hot day. The heat wave makes everyone a little crazy to start with, and an Aquarius full moon can result in all kinds of unexpected strangeness.

Soon the night sky was lit up with lightning, flashes and sheet lightning. Police and ambulances were out in force, all the more noticeable in the middle of the night traffic. Everywhere I looked, flashing red and blue lights kept me focused on careful driving.

Awakened at 4am by thunder and my cat meowing piteously at the door, frightened by the strangeness of the weather and upset already that I had been gone all day and was now ignoring her. I got up sleepily and we had some calming time on the couch. The moon moved into Pisces and all was quiet…

It’s still very hot.


2 thoughts on “Impressions of the Aquarius Full Moon

  1. peppylady says:

    Just goofing off with blogs wasn’t the moon just beautiful.

  2. TarotByArwen says:

    I could not sleep for the world last night. Tossed and turned right up until about 1am MST. My mind was just racing from thing to thing like some rabid rabbit! :)

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