This is my day

I’m proud of myself because I finally got a bunch of little errands done that have been languishing for weeks or months due to working too hard. Eventually that stuff all builds up and makes you feel … I don’t know what – disorganized, incompetent, kinda out of control in little ways. So! It was time. I had just as much to do as ever yesterday, but just couldn’t stand it any more and got the process started by cleaning the house and doing a big comprehensive grocery shopping (with pre-planned recipes, even).

I kind of felt like writing about my day today, in all its mundane details, because I’m happy with it. Sort of like a big extended Twitter :D Hopefully, you won’t be too bored with it!

As usual, I was up until 1am last night, and managed to actually sleep almost 8 hours – a good start. The one false note was that I came out to find that the door on the freestanding gas stove that heats my house had fallen open again – I could smell gas and plus, there’s all that flame uncontained (visions of kitty tails on fire – not good). I quickly aired out the house and put that on my “must do very soon” list, to call up a stove repair place and figure out how to fix that door. In the meantime, no more unsupervised use of the stove.

I finished up an editing job, which was my only deadline for today and turned out to be very straight-forward (a journal article about mutations in specific genes that they’re testing for a relationship to cervical cancer). Read my e-mail, made myself some coffee and enjoyed the yummy chocolate-hazelnut biscotti with it that I bought at the grocery store last night – yay! Took out some chicken to actually make a home-made recipe with tonight :)

I finally made an appt. to get my hair cut (after 6 months or so it is getting impossible to manage) and tried to make an orthodontist appt., but they are all on vacation until next week! Called up my grandpa – I was going to visit and take him to an eye appt. this afternoon, but i think he forgot – he had already arranged for the nurses to take him, and I guess he didn’t want me to go out of my way – even though it was really just an excuse to visit. I’ll go for next week’s appt. and I told him, he won’t get rid of me next time!! :)

Which left an entire afternoon open, a luxury I never get these days. So I quickly resolved to continue my winning streak and go out and run a bunch more errands. First, some online banking. I am really tired of my bank (US Bank) hitting me with expensive analysis fees every time I do anything even slightly out of the ordinary (like working internationally online, which i do a lot). I’ve recently defected to West Coast Bank, who has a brand new money market account, FDIC-insured, with a 3.5% interest rate. Not bad at all, considering the alternatives. So, moving money out of PayPal (which is not insured) to that account online, and switching over all my online electronic billpaying accounts.

Filled an online order for board game parts for Magic Realm, then off to the post office to mail that and get some pretty stamps – part of the wildlife series, this one is for the Great Lakes Dunes ecosystem. I love those :) Right next door was a Staples, so I ducked in and grabbed some 100% recycled paper (haven’t seen that easily available before) and some plastic bins. At last I can organize the last of my clothes that I unpacked, which are currently all over my closet floor – these are things I seldom wear and don’t fit into my bureau, but which have specific uses, like clothes for tropical trips, skiing clothes, etc.

Stopped at a bagel place for lunch, and in one of those serendipitous coincidences, there was a state liquor store next door. Now, I don’t drink, but the other day I was looking at this recipe I really, really wanted to make – Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce. Well, a real bread pudding should seriously have alcohol in it, and I LOVE bread pudding, all forms of it. But I thought, well, I’ll never make this because I’ll never get around to buying the bourbon. But there it was, and I did :) Decadence in my future, I can almost taste it…

Next, it was off to the bank to make my deposits and sign up for that money market account. Little things, like changing the bank I’ve always had (for good cause) and even changing my pin number from the last four digits of what used to be my phone number when I was married, are making me feel oddly free and like I’m really leaving behind all the last vestiges of my old life.

As I was leaving, a colleague called to remind me about a public meeting tonight and ask if I wanted to go. The Port of Olympia is trying to dredge some very nasty sediments without cleaning up the highly-contaminated sediments right under the dock next to it that will slough into the project area and get blown all over the place by the prop wash. We (agency staff and consultants) are all very opposed to it, but in these economic/political times (right before an election) it is getting rammed through the system at high levels. We plan to go and just sit in the back and let them know we’re watching. And I, not being an agency regulator anymore, can say anything I please as a citizen of Olympia. I just might, we’ll see.

Next, it was off to the DMV to get a driver’s license with my new address – now that I’m really living where I’m going to live :) And there I bumped into one of the college kids that lives next door, who had just registered to vote (yay!!). I made the DMV lady retake the picture – I may look older than I did 9 years ago, can’t help that, but at least I can be smiling :)

And back home again, through a beautiful sunny fall day with leaves turning. Now I have a whole three hours before the public meeting starts, and I could do… what? Actually read a book? Sounds nice :)


3 thoughts on “This is my day

  1. TarotByArwen says:

    Grin, I let my day go by while I read a book. I just totally indulged myself with “His Majesty’s Dragon” by Naomi Novik. What do you like to read?

  2. A series you might like I just finished – Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study. The first one is especially good. I’m currently reading one called “A World Without Us” which is basically a thought exercise on the specific things that would happen in the world if suddenly all the humans disappeared :) So far, it’s been interesting – and a reminder of how ephemeral we are. One thing I like is which things would immediately disappear and which odd things would remain – like fire hydrants :D Also, look up The Historian (a vampire novel with a decidedly eastern european temperament). :)

  3. coppermoon says:

    Busy lady! I can picture you doing all these things and having a grand time of it. Just don’t forget that stove!
    When you are single, yes, you do get lonely, but there is also that delicious sense of freedom you have to go anywhere, do anything at anytime. I sense you are discovering how wonderful this is and enjoying it fully. Bravo!

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