My favorite season

I really need to get a digital camera that works – my posts have been sadly devoid of pictures lately. But I just had to share this mental image with you. Fall is probably my favorite season – the late, unexpected sunny weather, the brilliant leaves, crisp clear days, and moonlight. Even the slightly foggy, cooler colors we’re getting now feel good to me.

For the last month, I’ve been enjoying a particular sight – in my new house in Olympia there’s a big picture window in the garage. That’s kind of odd, but I think it’s because that wall faces out onto the street and it makes the house look more friendly.

Across the street are these maple trees that have been turning all kinds of flaming colors. So, whenever I step into my garage to go somewhere, the whole garage is dark except for this one window filled with brilliant reds, yellows, oranges. I have to just stop for a minute and appreciate it, before going off to my meeting or whatever. Of course I get to see it again driving down the street, but that moment in the dark always catches me by surprise :)


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