Lately I seem to be suffering from a bit of writer’s block. I tell myself I’m going to blog and then I don’t – but blogging is good. It helps connect me to my friends and others in the world, and lets things out that need to come out. And I enjoy reading other people’s blogs; I’m sure my Mom would have been an inveterate writer of blogs had they existed when she started journaling :)

So in an attempt to break the block, I’ll just offer up a few impressions from the last few days:

Receiving my copy of Newsweek with “PRESIDENT OBAMA” on the cover and his smiling face. Woohoo! OK, I know, enough politics. Still, it was a long-looked-for moment.

Being grateful (again) that I managed to get such good new neighbors – I was able to hook up their daughter, who loves horses, with a colleague that has a place for her to work and train, and they’re going to take care of my cat while I’m travelling this winter. Knowing how my cat is, they’re even planning to send the same person over each day so Sophie can get to know one of them and feel comfortable. Serious animal whisperers next door :)

Noticing that the most popular posts on my blog when I’m not writing much are a series I wrote about dreams, all the different types, how to remember them, and how to get rid of nightmares. I’ll have to look and see if I can add anything to that.

Wondering if all the tweeting I do and read is interfering with my blogging time :D

Annoyed with my little Bose Wave stereo for the first time ever because the remote’s batteries are dead and IT HAS NO CONTROLS. There oughta at least be some backup ones for just this reason :) I’m having NPR withdrawal. And one of my best CDs is stuck inside because I can’t eject it :D

Proselytizing about the joys of macaroni & cheese again to my tarot group! Some buy/cook/love it, some don’t get it…

Thinking that my cat purposely rotates around among all my dining room chairs to get fur on each one, no matter how much I vacuum after her. Probably her way of getting back at me for not letting her in the bedroom at night.

OK, that’s a start! Feel free to add your own random observations in the comments, triggered by these :)


5 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. judithornot says:

    Okay — I DO love macaroni and cheese (especially the homemade variety), and I will admit the boxed stuff tastes good. I just can’t get past the fact that it has so many chemicals. :-p

  2. My friend Elaine makes the best mac-and-cheese EVER (from scratch, no chemicals). It has several kinds of cheese and a secret ingredient. Too bad for me since now I’m gluten-intolerant so I’d have to use rice noodles (not quite the same) and I’m doing a low fat vegan eating plan (no cheese).

    Good to hear your blog voice again, Teresa!

    Hey, are you going to RS09?

  3. Judith – just buy organic and then there will be no extra chemicals :)

    Hmm. Rice noodles and no cheese… that IS a challenge :D

    and Yes, I am going to RS09 :) It’s been a few years so it should be a good time.

  4. coppermoon says:

    Good to see you again….I truly enjoy your musings!

  5. Hello from an old readee and Thrysse enthusiast – had some free time and wanted to catch up on some good reading on houses, tarot, dreams, gamer kitties. Good to hear you’ll be at RS09 too!

    In gratitude, here’s a snippet of the English translation of a Pablo Neruda poem I found, called “Cats’ Dream” … i posted it on my own blog, but i’m just not into the link-hint-dropping thing right now …

    “Sleep, sleep, nocturnal cat,
    with your ceremonies of a bishop
    and your mustache of stone:
    supervise all our dreams,
    manage the darkness
    of our slumbered powers
    with your sanguinary heart
    and the long collar of your tail.”


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