“Nearest Book Thing” meme

From the “AMA Manual of Style” … “Even if the name of a publishing firm has changed, use the name that was given on the published work.”

Shows you what’s on my desk, near my computer!! Let’s see yours :)

Nearest Book Thing Rules:
* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence here, and along with these instructions, on your blog.


9 thoughts on ““Nearest Book Thing” meme

  1. judithornot says:

    “The truly Chinese versions are very colorful; however, our taste gives preference to the light shades that repeat those of the classic filling stitch in a different effect.” “The Needlework Book,” by Wanda Passadore (1969, Simon and Schuster). Although in our household, the communal computer with internet is out in the living room, so this was drawn from a small bookcase of “overflow” large-size books that happens to sit next to the computer. :-) This book was a gift from my mom when I was learning needlework. Lovely photos; more of a book to inspire than to teach.

  2. Jen McIntyre says:

    “The margins of the posterior nares can form thin, flexible flaps which function as valves so that the opening can be closed and opened.” From Olfaction in Fishes by Herman Kleerekoper (1969, Indiana University Press). Studying for my written exams for my dissertation and this is the only book on my desk right now – so I couldn’t even cheat away from it! Fun exercsie, posted on my blog too. Thanks :)

  3. Mike says:

    Page 56 is a photo, with the caption “Harlequin Crab Lissocarcinus orbicularis.” [From “Archipelago” by David Liittwschwager and Susan Middleton.]

    The closest book with a 5th sentence on page 56-
    “Picasso had told Sara that he would picture her with pearls…” [continued on page 58, “Picasso and Portraiture”].



  4. davey says:

    “They had just gotten up from the table when their guides arrived, Prince Kaddar and Varice Kingsford.”
    – Emperor Mage (The Immortals #3), Tamora Pierce

    It took 4 tries: first a origin-of-Batgirl comic novel, lush, colorful and 48 pages long. Under that was McBride’s The Color of Water, page 56 is a blank page! Another standard comic book, 24 pages. I was really into it now. Then Emperor Mage, a young adult fantasy from the now-college freshman’s cleaning spree in around 2002.

    Great to hear from you on that other list today – happy thanks & winter yule & all! -dy

  5. Hi Davey! It is nice to see all those blast from the past names out of college :) and nice to know the Old Darb’s List is people I actually know

  6. jimcser says:

    “Says she’s eating Prozacs like Pez” — Carl Hiaasen, “Lucky You”

    Heh. I’ll have to turn my library friends onto this, thanks.

    For a different type of bibliomancy, I also like the “Unsuggester” at Library Thing. Enter a book name, and it gives you a list of books *least* in common with it: http://www.librarything.com/unsuggester


  7. Caitlin says:

    “Everyone has a heart, head, and life line.”

    Richard Webster
    “Palm Reading for Beginners”

  8. Rick says:

    “Visit its shop for back issues of it’s beautiful magazine and for books and leaflets on wildlife and ecological issues, as well as information on its nature reserves.” – referring to the National Park Headquarters in Buenos Aires, from The Rough Guide to Argentina.

  9. Daryl says:

    I’ve seen yours, now heres’ a look at mine. . .

    From R.L. Stein’s “Goosebumps (series), Welcome to Camp Nightmare,” … “Jay stopped writing and looked up at me from his bunk.”

    Not my book, but one of my son’s favorites, that was near by. My nearest book, is more telling of my personality. Or shall I say personality issues. . .

    Too bad it was not found within the scope of your inquiry! Please, try again!

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