Inaugural impressions

Random walk through the inauguration…

From Obama’s speech, the quote that struck me the hardest: “… we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” Always what I have liked about Obama – he says what needs saying.

At the exact moment when Obama became President (12 noon), he was listening to the beautiful music of Itzhac Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, and Gabriela Montero. Nothing could have been more fitting.

They had the courage to walk part of the parade route. I have to admit I was holding my breath. I am so glad they did, and that they are unafraid.

I received a beautiful embossed invitation to the inauguration, and even though I couldn’t go, I want to keep it. This, from a person who never keeps ANYTHING. I still might keep it.

I never watch TV, but even I can tell that the ads are unique – they’re about health care, green energy, the rights of workers to have a better life, grass-roots organizing, sustainable product cycles. It’s amazing that even advertising is being shaped by Obama’s vision. I remember during the election the major ad campaign for “clean coal”. My favorite ad of inauguration day is the sham ad by coal executives from Al Gore’s group, gently funny enough to be straight out of SNL (“just leave global warming to us”), ending with the tagline “There’s no such thing as clean coal.”

And all day I was thinking, “I can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “Inaugural impressions

  1. Mike says:

    I completely agree- my heart soared when I heard him speak, and especially with those words!

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

  2. meowmansion says:

    Our hearts soared at exactly the same things – I love that Obama speaks out – gently but firmly and without fear, he speaks out. I love that he walked even tho I was holding my breath, too. I love that the tv commercials are …well, less commercial and more truthful. I love Yo-Yo Ma and his enthusiastic talent.
    It’s all SO encouraging at long last!!

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