Cruelty knows no bounds

In California, the Prop 8 folks have a new champion – our friend, the one and only Ken Starr, who has now introduced a court case to force gays and lesbians who were legally married in California before Prop 8 to divorce. To force them to divorce!!! I have to just express a little outrage at the incredible cruelty of the idea.

Never mind that Prop 8 is still winding its own way through the courts, and may be illegal. THIS case is going to the Supreme Court on March 5. How he managed that I have no idea. But just imagine… your mom and dad, your friends who are married, being forced to divorce. Imagine the effects on you, their children, their family and friends. Imagine the effects on their legal arrangements, their mortgages and bank accounts, their adopted children. Imagine how those with partners in the hospital feel, who can only wait and pray that their rights to visit and care for and make decisions for their loved ones aren’t taken away.

Really, imagine anyone being forced to divorce. ESPECIALLY couples who have, in some cases, waited decades for the right to marry their loved ones. All I can say to the Supreme Court at this moment, if any are listening, is… Have Mercy. You can express your views to the Supreme Court here. But don’t take too long…

It’s high time for a new law in this land. While I support gay marriage universally, I know that others don’t. Obama took a middle course in his inauguration night speech, so here is my proposal, until that day when love prevails and intelligent people decide that supporting stable families is a good idea:

1. Leave the issue of gay marriage up to the states, for now. Pass some form of civil union law at the federal level, if possible. At a minimum, repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

2. As part of the civil union law, require all states to honor legal marriages from any other state or country, and, upon production of a valid marriage certificate, provide any benefits to those couples that would be provided to any other married couple.

3. Invalidate any state or local law that would nullify any marriage in any manner or for any reason other than the two people themselves deciding to end their marriage.

No marriage should ever be involuntarily taken away from two people who love each other. That’s just the height of cruelty.


3 thoughts on “Cruelty knows no bounds

  1. Quiet says:

    It is hard to believe that such opposition can exist. Such ignorance and useless judgment!

    I believe in civil unions fundamentally -something that legally recognises the contract of commitment.

  2. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site! :)

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  3. coppermoon says:

    I can’t understand why this (and Prop 8) wouldn’t be unconstitutional. It is this kind of nonsense that makes me not like people.

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