The cat and the Kindle

Recently, I posted about giving up books, and how the Kindle 2.0 was going to help me stay on the straight and narrow. So now I have it in my hot little hands, and have been showing it off incessantly to all my friends and colleagues :) It certainly does have many of the benefits I was expecting; I immediately subscribed to the Seattle Times and am now enjoying my daily newspaper being beamed to me while I sleep each night without any paper to recycle! I have really missed my newspaper, and the only disappointment I have on that score is that for some reason, they don’t include the comics, or Dear Abby! Hmph.

I also downloaded a trashy book that I’ve been wanting to read but just really couldn’t justify buying :D I am finding it very light in the hand and very much like a printed page to read. It’s extremely convenient to take to those places like doctor’s offices, coffee shops, bus stops, etc., where you might find yourself with bits of time to read, and is a lot more compact. So now I’ve got my hardcover book I read at home, and my trashy novel for reading out and about :)

The real test came today when I was out for coffee with some friends and we went shop-hopping afterwards, including several used bookstores. Being determined NOT to buy books, this was the real challenge of whether Kindle will change my habits. I’m happy to say that I came out of the store with a list of books to download and one small blank paper journal (100% recycled), which I’ve been needing – I use those for half-formed ideas for books and classes, note-taking during mediation interviews, and birding records while traveling. Now if only they could put bird guides on Kindle, my backpack would be much lighter – but that will require color someday.

One unexpected advantage – usually when I read at home my books are large enough that the cat and the book can’t coexist on my lap. The cat sits nearby and looks at me, with “that” cat look. Last night I was reading my trashy novel and there was plenty of room, so I called Sophie over, she jumped in my lap, and I read my book with my left hand and petted my cat with the right, and she stretched out luxuriously in her rightful place. There’s at least one being besides me that’s happy for my Kindle!


2 thoughts on “The cat and the Kindle

  1. Gail Wood says:

    I’m envious! I have a Kindle (first version) and covet the second. I haven’t quite gotten to the ‘no books at home’ thing, but I’ve reduced my book buying quite a bit.

    More money for my other obsessions! Or to replenish my retirement account.

  2. coppermoon says:

    You make a case for it…..but I dunno. Something about old dogs and new tricks, I guess….

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