Chicken soup from scratch

chicken-stock My doctor tells me flu season is late this year – I found that out the hard way. And I’ve been kicking myself for NOT getting a flu shot for the first time in many years… but there I had it, I had the flu, yet another lung problem in as many months. You can tell it’s the flu when your skin hurts all over (weird) and there’s that permanent headache that is just now receding after a week.

So here I am trying to work through all of this, and meanwhile there’s been a natural gas contractor at the house hooking up new stuff. Halfway through the week the tankless water heater went in, and yay! for the first time, long hot showers :) Does the lungs good. My previous water heater having something cracked inside that let the hot and cold water mix some, meaning I never really could get through an entire shower without losing my hot water. So this is luxury.

Next is going in the new pro gas stove that I am all excited about -complete with a really hot burner for firing up large pots of water, a really low simmer burner, two regular burners and a grill to slide hot pans onto, which is key in my tiny kitchen. It has a reputation for heating very evenly and on temperature in the oven, and both the oven and the burners can be lit with a match. No electronic parts to break, and overall… well, I can’t wait. But that’s next week.

Speaking of cooking. So, it’s the third day of gas line work and my contractor sees that I’m still sick. Off to the store he goes to buy a chicken (!) and starts making chicken soup from scratch (!!). It’s boiling away on my old stove while he’s clanking away in the garage, and I’m feeling like some kind of miracle has descended. In go the carrots and bay leaves, onions, basil, and special stock stuff, a whole chicken into my biggest pot, which according to him isn’t really big enough :) Then later I’m stuck on a long, technical, boring call while he’s busily separating the stock, discarding the veggies, deboning the chicken, and soon arrives before me a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup! Back into the garage he goes, man of miracles.

Turns out he’s just a really nice guy who used to cook for the army, and knows how to take care of his family (of which I’m temporarily, one). He exhorts me to NOT pour off any of the fat (“that’s where all the good healing stuff is!”) and drink at least two glasses a day until I get better. I debate for a day or so, then save some of the fat and pour off some (because there’s really a lot). But I diligently have my two bowls per day, and yes, I’m feeling better :)

I posted this question to a couple of groups, and as it turns out (I should have known it), chicken soup actually has been tested in a lab. Apparently all the nasty molecules (ok, neutrophils) that get so busy producing all that mucous during the flu or cold is what the chicken soup acts on – it keeps them from doing their dastardly deed, giving your head a chance to clear up and your lungs to clear out. Which is surely what I needed. Now why a chicken should be able to do that, I have no idea :)


One thought on “Chicken soup from scratch

  1. flit says:

    Wow, how nice of him! Hot showers *and* chicken soup? He’s completely awesome. I hope you feel better soon!

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